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A big concern of many Vietnamese students for studying in the UK is the cost of living here. They are afraid that the UK cost of living is so high and beyond their reach. However, this is a common view. Like many other famous study abroad destinations such as Germany, the US, Canada, Korea, etc., there are the most affordable cities which suit every pocket. Let join with Vietnamese Connect to review the top five cheapest student cities in the UK, giving you more options when deciding to study in this country.  


Quite a lot of Vietnamese students hesitate to study in the UK or other European countries because they think that the standard of living in the UK is extremely expensive, completely exceeding their family’s financial condition. However, the cost of living here depends on many factors. Many cities in the UK have high living expenses like London but there are still cities with a very affordable living cost.


According to the 2019 NatWest Student Index, Cardiff is the cheapest student city in the UK. Bristol and Leicester take second and third respectively.

1. Cardiff 

Being the capital of Wales, Cardiff City is located south of the estuaries of the Taff River, the Ely River on the Bristol Channel. It is also the UK’s important industrial centre and port. Although Cardiff is home to most of the national sports and cultural agencies, the national media and the Welsh parliament, the rent here is very cheap. Most international students here are engaged in a part-time job and receive many funds from different sources, and then their lives have been significantly improved. 

2. Bristol

Bristol is considered a cosmopolitan city proven by a very diverse and unique culture with rich activities and attractions. This is indeed the capital of southwest England. Just about 3 hours from London, from here, you can reach other cities all over the UK and countries in Europe by a lot of vehicles such as road, rail, even a ship, planes. That is why Bristol is an ideal place for an international student’s study.

3. Leicester 

Leicester City is the unitary authority area in the East Midlands of England. It lies on the River Soar and close to the eastern end of the National Forest. Leicester is esteemed for its cheap transport. Averagely, you only spend about 29 pounds per month for commuting. Rent here is only about 133.79 pounds for a month. 

4. Southampton

Southampton is a city located on the British coast, about 75 miles southwest of London. There is a large pier, where most cargo goes to the UK and most major travel companies go to Europe. The proximity to London as well as plenty of good jobs makes this area very attractive. Renting a three-bedroom house will cost between £900 and £1500, excluding utility bills. The price will depend on the house standard and the city area.

5. Manchester

Manchester City is identified not only for football through the legendary Old Trafford Stadium but also as the second largest city in the UK culturally and economically. However, the cost of living in Manchester is much lower than in London. The average living expenses are only around £600/month (equivalent to 18 million dongs). 

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