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In order to support Vietnamese students who are going to the UK to study, we collect and summarize ''Experience in study abroad'' to give students an overview of student's life and education system in the UK.  Besides this, to help students integrate with the new environment, we also provide ''UK Culture and Travel'' will include useful information about UK's culture, wonderful places and manners and customs of different regions. We hope that the ''Experience'' will support students to integrate with UK's life easier and also have the memorable experience in the life of an oversea student.

  • Experience in study abroad is the summary of knowledge and experience about oversea student's life including things need to bring when you come to the UK, study, part-time job, tuition fee, policies relating to overseas student and other topics around the life of overseas students in the UK.

  • UK travel and culture will provide you with knowledge about British culture, manners and customs of each region so that you can easily integrate into a new life. In addition to providing exciting experience while studying in the UK, we also bring together great tourist destinations in the UK for those who love to explore new places and enjoy traditional local dishes.

​Experience in study abroad

 We are sharing with you the experience in study abroad of previous students about the topics relating to student's life in the UK

UK Culture and Travel

We collect and summary common British cultures; customs and manners of different regions and wonderful travelling places within the UK to share with you who love exploring new places and enjoy the local traditional foods.

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