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Two months left until the day of admission, you are eager for your next trip to the fog-land but may be also confused about what to prepare. Especially, the Coronavirus is still creeping into every corner of the UK even though the blockade is slowly being removed. Please, with Vietnamese Connect, arrange your luggage and prepare to take on the new challenges and fun on your studying journey in the UK. 

1. Admission and important entry documents

As the first step in arranging your backpack to the UK, you shall make sure important immigration documents, as well as admission papers, are fully in place, including:

  • Confirm of Acceptance for Studies, Unconditional offer letter, ATAS certificate and tuition fee receipt.

  • Passport, visa, visa issuance letter

  • Printout of airline ticket

  • Tuberculosis Test Certificate

  • Foreign language certificate, academic diplomas

  • Personal information and guardian information in the UK and in Vietnam

  • Personal documents such as identity cards, birth certificates and driver's licenses

  • 3 × 4 and 4 × 6 ID photos (4 or more/each)

  • Home address in the UK (if renting outside)

Note: All papers must be translated into English and should make at least 2 copies for emergent cases. Documents should be stored in a separate file in your carry-on baggage or backpack to facilitate the immigration process as well as ensure no loss. You should also tag your name, phone number as well as the address in the UK on your suitcase to avoid unexpected incident or loss of luggage.


2. Prepare your cash

Legally, you are only allowed to bring up to 5,000 USD out of Vietnam, equivalent to about £3,700. For more amounts, you need to declare it at the customs authority. Otherwise, a fine up to £5,000 will be imposed.

Therefore, you should not bring too much cash in your wallet but divide it into account cards for international payment. Cash in your wallet should only be enough to spend in the UK within 1 month while waiting for a bank card in the UK. It takes about 3 weeks to create a bank account in this country, so you can use international cards opened in Vietnam to make payment when shopping here. 


3. Clothes

Depending on your time of enrolment, the weather will change accordingly. However, in general, the weather in the UK is cold with rainy winter. The temperature in summer is not too hot, around 14 - 24°C. 


So, you should give precedence to heat-retaining clothing, 1-2 warm coats bought from Vietnam, 1 traditional Ao Dai or polite suit. Your suit will be used during class presentations or school activities while Ao Dai is for international student exchange programs, holidays, Tet, etc.


Do not bring too many Vietnamese coats because you can buy weather-appropriate jackets in the UK with extremely affordable prices. Big brands such as Adidas, Nike, Superdry, Primark, etc. are also sold all year round with many types of models, its prices range from expensive to cheap, suitable for your budget. Umbrellas are also not necessary because the wind in many parts of the UK is quite strong, you can buy it at the grocery stores here with affordable prices and better quality.


Airlines currently allow each passenger to bring between 30-46 kg of checked baggage and 7-12 kg of hand baggage. So, you should bring really necessary clothes to avoid any fine.


4. Food

Most Vietnamese students does not feel good with British food. Therefore, preparing food to this fog-land is extremely necessary. You should prepare dry foods such as instant noodles, dry vermicelli, dried beef, shrimp paste, etc.


If you love Vietnamese food, want to save money and try to cook, should prepare a variety of seasonings for hot pot, braised meat stew, beef noodle, etc. Avoid bringing fresh foods and which gives out smells like meat, fish or meat of rare animals. You need to learn about the regulations on foods prohibited from bringing into the UK to avoid leaving out your items while making clearance customs.


Besides bringing of your laptop, you should pay attention to the power conversion in the UK. All power outlets in the UK are 3-pin socket, different from Vietnam (2-pin socket). Therefore, you need to prepare some power adapters to use your laptops, phones or other electrical appliances here.


You should buy them in Vietnam to save money, or after going to the UK, the first step is going to the supermarket to buy a socket converter. The price of a 3-pin socket in Vietnam is only about 60,000 - 80,000 VND (Dien Quang brand) while it is nearly £4 (approximately 120,000 VND) at Wilko.

Out to Sea Laptop

1. Basic medicines

You need to prepare some basic medicines for colds, runny nose and headaches, stomach aches, wind oil, etc. and special treatment drugs prescribed by your doctor. This can help you cope with the abrupt change in weather when you get off the plane. In addition, it also helps you to prevent better with Covid 19 epidemic in UK. 


Note: Drugs should have a clear label, are not dangerous and not in the Prohibited list of the UK.


2. Personal protective gears

Although Covid-19 has a decreasing sign in the coming time, you should not ignore it and need to prepare carefully plans to avoid and protect yourself. It is advisable to bring gloves, dry hand sanitizer, medical mask, cloth mask, 1 protective suit to wear when using public transport for a long time. Keep a note of the police phone number in the area you live in case of an attack or threat.

Spiral Staircase

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