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To satisfy high demands of the current job market with the intention of finding a better job or getting a promotion, higher studying after completing bachelor program is proving popular to students. Therefore, locating a destination on the postgraduate journey is very much interested by Vietnamese young people. What makes the UK one of the most attractive destinations for studying a Masters? Let's find the answers with Vietnamese Connect.


The first thing mentioned is definitely the world’s top rankings proved by the quality of teaching and training at Universities in the UK. Masters courses at prestigious schools in the UK all provide research certificates which are highly appreciated by employers. This plays an important role in shaping the career development in the future.

Also, Master's courses in the UK not only focus on essays or research works of macro scale. Here, students wallow in group meetings with members from many countries around the world, participating in picnics/company visits or practical projects. This helps develop their comprehensive soft skills, promote thinking, agility and accelerate the integration process of fresh students.


A special feature and also the absolute advantage of Master's courses in the UK is that the course completion time is usually quite short by only 1 year. Compared with other leading countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, at least 2 years is required to get a Master's degree.

If you choose to study in the UK, you can get your degree faster than your peers, catching opportunities for internships or applications to many corporations and companies earlier.


For the completion time of a regular course takes only 1 year or an additional 1 Placement Year (internship), the cost of studying in the UK will not be too expensive as many people think. In other countries, the annual tuition fees may be cheaper than in the UK, but calculating the total tuition from the time of your enrolment until the moment of receiving your degree, you may have a different view.

In addition, there is a new law in the UK related to the Post-Study Work Visa. This visa will be valid for 2 years after graduation, provided that you have to graduate on or after the summer of 2021. This is another outstanding advantage of Studying Abroad in UK because it gives you more opportunities to seek a job, improve your professional qualifications in the country highly appreciated by employers.


Is your financial condition not too wealthy? Studying abroad is too expensive and your wallet is only enough for one year of study? If it is your problem, let’s Vietnamese Connect solve it.

In the UK, if you enrol in a full-time Master's course, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. And so, you can pay quite a bit for your meals and personal activities. Finding a part-time job in the UK is not too difficult, especially when the primary language here is English. Conversely, if you take an English-taught course in another country where English is not the primary language, applying for a part-time job requires you to be fluent in the native language there. Then, getting a part-time job in the UK is quite easy for you can go through Vietnamese International Student Communities or your university's job search website to file an application. 


To be qualified for a UK Master's degree course, each school will set out different requirements on languages or qualifications. However, most universities require a foreign language certificate (IELTS/or converting from TOEFL to IELTS) at least 6.0 or higher depending on specific disciplines. Unfortunately, not all students meet all the requirements. For example, you get high GPA or have enough working experience in the right major but foreign language obstructs you in the path of conquering knowledge.

Therefore, the Pre-master's courses are built on the most suitable platform for international students wishing to study higher. By this preparatory course, you not only improve your language or equip the necessary knowledge for your discipline but also perceive British culture, paving the way for the official Master's admission.

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