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According to the UK Home Office’s official announcement, international students are allowed to extend their visas up to 2 years after graduation to find work in the UK. This new law will apply to graduates since the summer 2021 and later. Currently, specific regulations on valid graduation time, visa cost as well as accompanying policies have not been announced. However, this policy will make the UK an attractive destination for large numbers of international students seeking to start their life and career in the UK. 


Prior to 11 September 2019, international students were only allowed to stay in the UK for a maximum of 4-6 months after completing their studies in accordance with the policies given by the former Home Secretary, Theresa May. However, since 2021, eligible international students enrolled in the UK for undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral courses will be able to remain in the UK for two years after graduation to find a job. Accordingly, the authorities hope this new policy will make the UK become an attractive destination for all foreign students. 


As said by EU law, tuition for UK and EU students is limited to £9,250 per year but there is no maximum limit on tuition fees for international students. As a result, foreign students have become an important source of income for universities. Many universities invest large amounts of money to advertise their image abroad as well as cooperate with overseas study centres based in the target country. As stated by UK universities’ representatives, the change in this policy will make them the most potential research destination.


Their confidence is based on the data regarding the reforms of Home Office in 2012 in which May removed the policy of two-year post-study work for graduates, shortening their time to stay in the UK to 4-6 months. This has led to a significant reduction in the number of international students coming to the UK regardless of its recognized world-class research and education system.


According to statistics, currently, there are 460,000 international students living and studying in the UK, generating more than 20 billion pounds per year. In addition, a report published in early 2019 showed that after graduating from a university in the UK, the income of international students is 50% higher than that of classmate native students.


  • Specifically, according to research done by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), UK students in Mathematics earn an average of 33,100 GBP after 5 years of graduating while international students get 48,600 GBP.

  • UK students in Economics earn an average of 37,900 GBP after 5 years while international students get 45,700 GBP

  • In both these disciplines, students from the European Union (EU) make more money than native students but less than students outside the EU countries.


According to Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary: “The important contribution international students make to our country and universities is both cultural and economic. Our universities thrive on being open global institutions…to attract the best talent from around the world to global Britain.” Therefore, the UK government is encouraging the attraction of international students, especially in the Science, Mathematics and Technology-Engineering (STEM). This shows great potential for Vietnamese students to achieve high income after graduation.


This new policy will take effect for students enrolled in 2020. If you're still wondering which school will be right for you, please contact Vietnamese Connect for help.

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