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With the purpose of helping Vietnamese student be successful in future career, we always act forward to support and provide you with useful information and advice including:

  • Directing you in the application process for your study in the UK. Immigration policy in the UK could be seen as very strict and difficult. And Vietnam is one of the countries in the UK’s blacklist, hence, it is more challenging for Vietnamese students. However, our company bases on the UK and has long experience in oversea study consultancy which allows us to update new UK’s policies in order to give you useful advice and directions.

  • Helping you choose university/college and course. We all know that when you decide to come to the UK to study, you already chose your major. However, some of you are still considering between courses or universities/colleges. We are a partner of reputable UK’s organisations including Study Group and universities/colleges which give us opportunities to offer you the best scholarships which our competitors cannot have and suitable university/college for your finance and future career.

  • Supporting you to prepare the important documents for university/college and Visa application in order to succeed in the first time.

  • Preparing you before Visa or CAS interview. Because Vietnam is in the UK’s blacklist then, the evaluating standards for Vietnamese students are more difficult than students from other countries. However, with our long experience, we will prepare and practice for you before actual interviews. We are very proud that we have helped a lot of students pass interviews of both University/College and Home Office and also gain valuable scholarships.

  • Helping you find suitable accommodation before coming to the UK. One of our advantages is that our office is based in the UK which allows us to connect and find the best accommodation for our students which is suitable for your finance resource and have other convenient conditions ( close to your university, Shopping centre or convenient transport).

  • Referring you to part-time jobs. UK policies allow international students to work within a limited time depends on your course. If you want to have a part-time job in your free time to expand your social network or improve your English speaking, we can refer you to part-time jobs which are suitable for you.

  • Supporting you when you first come to the UK and also during your studying. This is one of our best advantages for you. We are based in the UK, then we give our students one of our advantages is picking you up at the airport. Beside this, our staffs studied in the UK hence, during your study in the UK, if you need helps relating to studying experience we will give you some advice.

Our purpose is to develop the Vietnamese community and be a partner in your successful path. We always give you the best opportunities and support. If you are planning to go to the UK to study, do not hesitate to leave us a message. We will get in touch with you soon.

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