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Huddersfield University

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Founded in 1825, Huddersfield University is located near the heart of Huddersfield - an ancient and peaceful town in the suburb of the Northern England. The university is also a member of the Yorkshire Universities. In 2012, Huddersfield University is proud to have been awarded by the Times Higher Education for the Entrepreneurial University of the Year and followed by the University of the Year in 2013.


Currently, almost 20,000 students are studying at Huddersfield because of its outstanding achievements, especially its rate of 97% students finding employment or studying at higher levels. The university offers more than 400 undergraduate and graduate courses, attracting a large number of international students. In addition, Huddersfield University is also affiliated with famous universities in Vietnam and students can choose the "Top-up" program to transfer their final year to Huddersfield University and receive a dual bachelor's degree: Degree from Vietnamese University and Degree from Huddersfield. 



Located near the heart of Huddersfield town, the university’s main campus is only 30 minutes - 1 hour from major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and about 3 hours from London by train. This city is also one of the Top 10 cities in the UK for cultural diversity, low cost of living and completely suitable for students.


Huddersfield University provides free accommodation counselling and always assists students by its halls of residence. Specifically, students can rent apartments in the student villages of Storthes Hall Park and Ashenhurst, which are protected by the university. Accommodation at Storthes Hall or Ashenhurst Hall is provided with full facilities and equipment: bathroom, kitchen, single/double room, etc. Usually, there will be 6-8 students living together in an apartment having bathroom and toilet, depending on the rental price. 

Huddersfield University



Nearly 20,000 students choose to develop themselves at Huddersfield University because of its remarkable achievements:

  • To be recognized as a Gold-rated university by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

  • Win the first Global Teaching Excellence Award recognising the University’s commitment to world-class teaching and its success in developing students as independent learners and critical thinkers (Higher Education Academy, 2017).

  • To be ranked 61st for the Top UK universities by The Times University Guide 2020

  • To be ranked 43rd for the Top UK universities by The Guardian University Guide 2020

  • To be awarded the 2012 Times Entrepreneurial University of The Year and the 2013 Times University of the Year.

  • Student satisfaction is 82.70% NSS (2019)

  • Teachers are constantly evaluated for their high quality of teaching, providing an exciting and positive learning environment for students. Specifically, Huddersfield is the leading university in the UK for the proportion of staff with high quality teaching qualifications (HESA 2018).

  • 97.3% of undergraduate students go on to work and/or further study within six months of graduating. This places Huddersfield in the Top 20 UK Higher Education providers. (UK domiciled, Full Time, First Degree, DLHE 2016/17)

  • Over 1,300 alumni working at 62 of the FTSE100 companies, more than 5,000 alumni are company leaders, more than 2,000 are owners/founders and more than 20,000 are in managerial roles. (LinkedIn 2018)


The university provides shuttle services to pick up international students at Manchester Airport. To facilitate the integration of international students, Huddersfield University also organizes some programs to introduce freshmen to its staff and their new friends.


Huddersfield also offers a variety of preparatory courses for advanced English to improve students’ language skills before they start their main courses. Many clubs dedicated to economy, culture, society, sports are available, and extracurricular activities are regularly taking place there to support the comprehensive development of students.


Huddersfield University offers more than 400 courses, including: English courses, foundation, undergraduate, pre-masters and masters courses with diverse majors such as: Accounting, Business, Law, Management, Design, Architecture, Sociology, Science, Mechatronics and Electronics, Music.  



1. English course

  • Required Qualifications: no

  • English level: IELTS UKVI 4.0 (no band < 4.0)

  • Tuition/year: £2,500-£3,700

2. Foundation

  • Required Qualifications: no

  • English level: IELTS UKVI 4.5 (Writing score ≥ 4.0)

  • Tuition/year: £12,500-£12,900

3. Pre-masters

  • Required Qualifications: Graduated from university with GPA>6.5

  • English level: IELTS UKVI 5.5 (Writing score > 5.5)

  • Tuition/year: £7,400-£7,600

4. Undergraduate

  • Required Qualifications: Graduated from high school

  • English level: IELTS 6.0

  • Tuition/year: £14,500-£17,400

5. Master

  • Required Qualifications: Graduated from university

  • English level: IELTS 6.0

  • Tuition/year: £14,500-£17,400


  • Undergraduate level: Scholarships are worth about £2,000 to 50%, awarded for students with excellent achievement at each academic year. 

  • Scholarship opportunities may be up to 50% for Vietnamese students applying for undergraduate, master programs.

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