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University of East Anglia


University of East Anglia (UEA) is ranked in the Top 200 Universities in the World and the Top 15 Universities in the UK. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes for UK and international students. UEA always focuses on improving the teaching quality, expanding educational goals towards all international students.



UEA is situated in Norwich city, England. The University has been voted Gold for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020 in the Teaching Excellence Framework-the most prestigious league table for the teaching quality in the world. This fact also contributes to strengthening UEA’s position in the Top 15 UK universities according to The Times 2019.


With a system of outstanding academic, social and cultural facilities, the University attracts more than 15,000 students from more than 100 countries around the world. Especially, UEA always keeps it position in the World Top 200 Universities according to The Guardian University Guide 2020.


The University of East Anglia is located in Norwich city, the capital of Norfolk County. Located right on the Winsum River, the city’s area covers to 39.02 km2. Before the 11th century, it was the second-largest city by population in England, just after London. According to The Times 2019, Norwich was voted as the most liveable city in the UK because of its safety, friendliness and typical nostalgic beauty covered by full of all modern amenities from the shopping malls, restaurants, movie theatres to lively nightlife bars. This is why, unsurprisingly, Norwich became the first city in England to be recognized as a literary city by UNESCO.


Like a giant park, the UEA campus encompasses over 121 hectares and just moving between its buildings will take 5 minutes on your foot. The University is also the owner of an on-campus art gallery named the Sainsbury Arts Centre, which is considered one of the most prominent university art galleries and home to famous works of many artists including Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and Amedeo Modigliani. In addition, the UEA Sportspark Sports Centre has become one of only three university sports centres to be recognised for its excellent sport and recreational facilities in a national award (Quest, 2018), backed by Sport England.


Just 2 miles from the centre of Norwich, 2 hours from London by train, the University’s location is ideal for traveling, sightseeing and shopping. Students often move by bus for about 15 minutes to reach a shopping centre. Besides the large and fully equipped campus, UEA is also surrounded by the impressive nature with on-campus lakes and forests.

University of East Anglia Campus


University of East Anglia is ranked in the Top 200 Universities in the World with good teaching quality. Aiming at improving the teaching quality, the University’s training orientation focuses on the job requirements. UEA currently holds many records in the UK, prominent ones can be mentioned as:

  • Top 15 Universities in the UK by The Guardian University Guide 2019

  • Gold rank in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017-2020

  • Top 200 Universities in the World by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019



Renowned for the UK’s top student satisfaction, international students are always provided with timely information on visa matters, support and advice on both study and personal life during their school time.


Right after landing in the UK, students can sign up for the "Meet and Greet" event in order to be picked up from the airport to Norwich. In the arrival week, the students studying at UEA will help the new students with everything, such as carrying luggage, introducing buildings, accommodation, sharing experiences, distributing school maps, showing ways use media public transport such as trains, buses, taxis, etc. International students can also sign up for the UEA Buddy program to find local British friends to help themselves integrate into a new university life.



The University of East Anglia currently has four faculties as follows:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

UEA is famous for research and teaching in the fields of arts and humanities. The Faculty has four schools, including Arts, Media and American Studies; History; Literature, Drama and Creative Writing; Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies.

  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Contributing to UEA’s reputation is the development of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It is home to the leading experts in Medicine and Pharmacy, Nursing and international scientific researches.

  • Faculty of Social Science

The Faculty of Social Science is divided into 7 schools, including economics, education, geography, international development, business, psychology, and social work. Each school has achieved certain achievements, confirming the quality of research and teaching at the University of East Anglia.

  • Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is an important partner of Norwich Research Park, one of Europe’s largest collaborative research sites with more than 3,000 scientists, 80 science and technology enterprises and many leading research institutes in the world. This provides the best environment for the development of creativity, innovation and research in many disciplines from biology to pharmacy.



1. Foundation Program:

  • Foundation program includes training courses in academic subjects, English and study skills.

  • IELTS: 4.5 overall (Writing 5.0, other bands >4.0) và 

  • Excellent high-school graduate 


2. International Year One 

  • International Year One is a 3-semester course devoted to business and management. After completing the course, students will be transferred to the second year at university level.

  • IELTS: 5.5 overall (Reading and Writing 5.5, other bands >4.0) 

  • Excellent high-school graduate or first-year university student 


3. Pre-Master

  • Pre-master’s program is a 2-semester program designed for international students to familiarize them with postgraduate teaching, learning and research methods in the UK.

  • IELTS 5.5 (all bands) 

  • Bachelor’s degree


4. Undergraduate and Graduate Program

The university's undergraduate and graduate programs offer more than 280 undergraduate courses and many graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines.

  • Undergraduate: IELTS 6.0 overall (no band < 5.5) 

  • Graduate: IELTS 7.0 overall (no band < 6.5)



  • Foundation: £16.995-£21.890/year

  • International Year One: £18.195-£23.090/year

  • Bachelor: £15.990-£20.200/year

  • Pre-Master: £18.195-13.595/year

  • Master: £16.400-£19.800/year



The university’s scholarships range from £4.000 to £10.000 and can be higher depending on the students’ performance.

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